Culture Class for Leaders

Culture Class for Leaders


Use your culture to power a well-oiled team: Happy, creative & seriously purposeful.

A team united over outcomes is far more creative, happy and purposeful than a team united over outputs. Strong team cultures are a result of a strong company vision. That vision needs to come from leaders. In this workshop, we explore techniques to uncover and lead with vision.

This is an interactive workshop in which leaders will be walked through using their culture to build stronger teams and deeper partnerships.

Additionally, we cover managing partner dynamics, developing sustainable culture practices and nurturing advocates within the team.


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Why invest in your culture?

A team that works solely for outputs never pushes past expectations to achieve surprising outcomes. Your team wants to be creative, your team wants to excel. You, as the leader, need to provide them with the guidelines to get creative. Those guidelines are your culture.

Internally, a strong culture means a more aligned team - more engaged, more supportive, more communicative. Trust exists which means individuals can speak up, share ideas and innovate.

From strong culture to a stronger brand.

The impact of your culture doesn’t end at your company walls. Your communications become stronger, your advocates and partners become more engaged, your brand thrives --- and your company starts to get noticed for the right reasons, pulling in a market and partners who care about your vision.

The Right Coach for your team.

Erin has a knack for relationship building and strong communication. She empowers you by uncovering your company vision and brand. This lays the foundation for a strong culture. It’s all about understanding what you bring to the table so that you can connect and communicate with the right stakeholders.