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Travels from: Montreal, QC Canada
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Topics: Creative Courage, Self-Love in Leadership,
Resilient Cultures, Holistic Growth Strategies, Magnetic Companies.
Session types: Interactive workshops, Keynotes, Panels.


About Erin.

Erin Willett is a modern-day hippy who believes that strategic companies have soulful approaches. She has been working as a brand and culture strategist since 2013 and founded The Tap In Team in 2015, a strategist collective that works with companies in growth phases to help them nurture communities that are creative, inclusive and magnetic. Erin and her team intend to change the way companies do business, by leading with emotional-intelligence, courage and collaboration. The Goal? More resilient companies - Companies that tackle the challenges of today as an aligned collective.

The Tap in Team uses Erin’s proprietary framework of Creative Courage as they support teams in nurturing more creative teams and deepening bonds with stakeholders.

Creative Courage happens to be one of Erin’s favourite topics to speak on and she has done so for Executives, HR Professionals, Startup Founders and Female Leaders in intimate workshops, on panels and in conference settings.

Regardless of the audience, Erin takes a heartful approach to discussing business. She leans into her individuality and invites the audience to tap into their identities and embrace their differences. Her talks are personal and profound - showing the audience how one person can influence and impact an entire collective.

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Some highlights.



In December 2018, Erin was invited to speak at People Make The Brand in Istanbul on the topic of Self-Love in Leadership. Presenting her keynote: What Makes a Courageous Company, she shared the stage with leaders in the employer branding space from companies the likes of Universum, Harvard Business Review Turkey and Faber Castell.


More recently, Erin has been focusing her efforts on supporting female led, owned and founded companies who recognize the potential of culture as a driver for holistic growth.

In the summer of 2018, she co-launched a workshop series entitled Culture Building for Female Leaders hosted at SAP in Montreal and Linkedin in Toronto & New York City. The support for the series was rapid and vocal. Leaders in Talent, Culture and HR from companies such as WeWork, SAP, Index Exchange & LinkedIn were in attendance.

Listen to Erin’s take on all things creativity, purpose, courage, connection and culture by checking out her videos here.


“I do this work because I want companies to attract, engage and retain a supportive community. But really, I do it because I believe purpose-driven companies will build stronger cities and a better world.”
– Erin Willett


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