Common goals lead to collective wins.

HRVST is a creative agency for growing brands. HRVST is the perfect example of a company that have grown bounds by delivering a stellar output. They attribute their quick success to bold moves propelled by a supportive network.

After a few years of success, HRVST wanted to solidify their reputation, and take a more ballsy approach to targeting clients. They reached a point where they realized if they wanted to stand out from competition, they would need to move beyond focusing on on their service alone. In order to articulate a strategic position, they needed to dig deep to define that specific something that had made them magnetic up until this point.

By putting words to their vision, and uncovering communication gaps, we were able to shape a direction that would ensure their collective was collaborating towards a common goal.


What we did

Brand assessment
Brand guidelines
Connection strategies
Leadership coaching


Putting words to the special sauce

We took HRVST through a hands-on brand and vision discovery process: helping them to articulate their unique purpose and position.


Brand insights that drive smart communication strategies

We then conducted a brand assessment, exploring the perception of the HRVST brand and opportunities for stronger communication tactics.


“My main goal with Erin was to get more of the right type of work. She was always honest; she pushed buttons and drove our conversations to a place where I could be real with myself about HRVST. We've since closed some incredible deals, hired top-notch talent and our brand is stronger than ever. We always had vision — Erin brought it into focus.”

Brandon Harrar, CEO HRVST


The results?

HRVST restructured their collective agreement, laying the foundation for stronger collaborations. They also redesigned their website and reworked their offering - positioning them for a higher-caliber of clients.


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