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professional development

Your team:
Leading with Courage.

When courage is top-down, creativity and innovation thrive from the bottom-up. With The Tap In Team's professional development services, you build a resilient team that embraces change and makes courageous choices.


Bringing out the great in your people.

Motivations are shifting: employees want to work for companies with strong values, the market wants to support conscientious companies. Companies need conscious leaders and creative teams more than ever. 


Ignite individual's confidence and conviction
Shape culture practices that empower
Unlock creative courage as you face growth hurdles
Nurture a relationship mindset that enables collaboration and partnerships


1-on-1 with Erin.

Using hands-on support and her Creative Courage process, Erin guides your team as you tackle growth challenges and form resilient culture practices. You learn how to face challenges with a shared sense of focus and conviction and become a powerful and creative collective.


Instantly empowering, holistically impactful.

We uncover your team's inherent creativity and teach you how to utilize it as a strategy and innovation driver. The result is a swift and unified team, reflective rather than reactive, nurturing creativity and confidence with every decision they make.