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Our guiding principles → 01

Build relationships,
not transactions.

Seriously, it’ll last longer. Focusing on numbers is nearsighted. You can’t succeed alone. Everyone is a potential partner: listen, contribute and grow through feedback. Engage people over shared values, your team, community and business will thrive.




Our guiding principles → 02

stand up, stand out.

Stand for something. Speak up. When you speak your truth, others can rally around you. Stand tall in your convictions and create bridges of support.




Our guiding principles → 03

practice honesty.

No one expects you to be perfect, but they do expect you to be honest. Honesty isn’t easy. It leaves us exposed and often uncomfortable. Because of this, sharing takes practice. If we want to get better at it, we need to build habits and environments that encourage transparency. It’s so worth it: through honesty, we form bond with our teams and build communities that sustain us.




Our guiding principles → 04

believe things can be different.

When you believe, possibilities and opportunities present themselves. We believe change is possible and necessary. We believe each individual and company has a role to play in that change. Rather than getting caught in assumptions, we choose to believe in people, believe in new ideas, believe in a brighter future. 




Our guiding principles → 05

respect your creative process.

Growth can only happen through creativity - both for individuals and companies. That creativity requires room, time, trust and exploration. Respect the process by practicing it - over and over again. Only then can your creative faucet flow.



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Our guiding principles → 06

celebrate individuality.

What makes you different, makes you powerful. Every person’s voice, ideas and perspective matter. When we celebrate and empower individuals, the community is richer and all of us benefit. 




Our guiding principles → 07

drive impact with intuition and insight.

Change is constant. We can drive it or be dragged along. We can shrink at the challenge or embrace it. Our companies can have lasting impact, if we dedicate ourselves to continued growth and embrace change.

Articulate your purpose and pursue it, in every choice you make. Be driven by impact and be dedicated to positive contribution. It’s a good business move.