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unlock your team's creative courage

You know your team has the potential to be powerful. You’re looking for ways to unlock that power. You want to nurture a courageous environment where creativity reigns. And most importantly, you want to empower your team and community with a strong vision.

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We are all creatives.

In this ebook, you'll learn how to use The Tap In Team's Creative Courage process to drive creativity:

→ Adopt a reflective and iterative strategy cycle
→ Nurture your team's decisiveness and confidence throughout the cycle
→ Build bold collateral that engages your stakeholders

This isn’t an EBook, this is a manifesto that calls to the reader, tempting your deepest creative instincts and desires, commanding you to have the courage to take the art of your leadership to the next level.
— Roxanne Desforges, Co-Founder Pure & Applied

Grab the ebook. Get Creative.