Partnering with
companies like yours.


What's in it for your brand?

  • Develop affinity between female leaders and your brand to activate word of mouth through their sharing, advocacy, recommendation, influence, circle of reach – networks.

  • Amplify your Diversity and Inclusion programs by actively supporting women in leadership.

  • Increase brand awareness & be affiliated with the Women inPower movement.

  • Direct visibility among a select and focused audience of female leaders.

  • The opportunity to engage in peer learning and hear first-hand about tried and tested strategies

  • Tap into the lived experience and expertise of participants to bring back knowledge to their own brands (using participants as a focus groups) 

  • Unlocking insights about your company culture.

I really felt the content was cutting edge, new, fresh and much needed. I thought of five women right off that would benefit from this experience.
— annis karpenko, executive director