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Our 3-part process

The Tap In Approach

The Tap In Team uses a unique brand and culture development process that guides company leaders as they unite their team and deepen bonds with supportive stakeholders. Teams learn how to combine reflection and insights to shape connection strategies and drive creative iteration cycles. A strong culture is nurtured while a powerful brand is built.




Uncovering a strong foundation.

We use an emotionally-rich process, engaging the entire team in the assessment and discovery process. The result is a unified team and clearly articulated purpose and vision. This is the foundation of powerful connection strategies.



An inside-out approach.

Strategic choices are made from a position of purpose rather than industry standards and market assumptions. In doing so, we are able to outline a strategic direction that is not only fulfilling for the team but also the most likely to incite stakeholder engagement.



Nurturing bonds that support success.

Armed with an articulated vision and position, we are able to focus on high-loyalty stakeholder groups to shape the internal culture and external community. The result is a creative team and bold strategies that are impossible to ignore.


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"a tremendous asset to us as we continue to build our brand and culture, especially as a competitive hiring advantage."

Henry Ryan CEO



some of the courageous companies we've supported


Shaped to your team.

Be empowered, nurture a sustainable culture and grow a community of support. We'll show you how.