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The Tap In Team was established in 2015 to help courageous companies break moulds, tap into their identities, unlock their creative courage, stand up and stand out.

We are a team of creative strategists, brand builders and purpose-driven communicators that's dedicated to supporting companies who believe that things can be different, companies who believe they can make change and have an impact. Consider us your guides, facilitators and advisors but never your dictators. We don’t exist to tell you what’s right. We have the questions, but you have the answers. We're here to help you build your own guidelines for success.


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the founder

Meet Erin.

The Team is led by our founder, Erin Willett - A modern-day hippy who believes that strategic companies have soulful approaches. She intends to change the way we do business, by leading with emotional-intelligence, creative courage and collaboration. It isn’t all intuition - Erin has spent the last 8 years working with growing businesses, helping them build movements around their unique vision, shaping their communication strategies and tactics as they nurture strong teams and expand their markets.

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Our guiding principles.

Get to know us a little better and get a glimpse of how we live our purpose through our work.