Because good branding
is about embracing
what makes you you

Brand Coaching that gets to the heart of what makes your company unique.

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Erin took Learning Bird to new heights. She helped us dig deep into who we are and what we stand for. Our visual identity has never been brighter nor our messaging more on-point. Erin taught us that it’s easier to sell yourself when you know yourself.
— Roxanne Desforges - Head of Academic Relations at Learning Bird

On a mission to help you Tap Into Your Identity.

We believe in you. We believe in your individuality. In fact, we believe that what makes you different is your key to fulfilling success.

That key is your brand. It isn't something that can be faked or fabricated and it exists whether you work at it or not. It has the potential to give your team focus and momentum, enable compelling communications and cultivate a corporate culture of creativity. All you have to do is Tap In


Erin Willett & The Tap In Team

The Tap In Team was founded by Erin Willett in 2015 but she’s been on this ‘Tap Into Your Identity’ mission much longer. After years of design, creative direction and brand strategy for start-ups, she knows the power of a strong identity - especially during those pivotal growth phases. She blends a marketing mindset with a knack for relationship building and a love of individuality to coach you towards confident ownership of your niche. Erin works with a circle of talented creatives and strategists who allow her to tailor her identity coaching to your needs. 

Erin splits her time consulting start-ups on their identity and brand, helping businesses develop spaces for creativity, and mentoring up-and-comers through their growth hurdles. She offers personal and team workshops and is available for speaking events. Get in touch!